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November 13, 2005


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Hi dear Sir/Madam
This is Qalandar from Aghganistan.
I have BA in public administration.
I am working as a marketing manager now in Kabul,Afghanistan.
If I can help you do not hassitate and mail me.

Best regard
Sardar Qalandar

We are openly developing a weblog to monitor what will Knowledge Management's biigest breakthrough of 2006 be seen to be with the benefit of hindsight and judged by our understanding of how to live and learn as a Druckerian Knowledge Worker. If this interests you, whynot co-edit with us. Many netizens the world over are united in feeling -a great debt to Peter's flow of human leadership wisdom- so we need a diverse panel to connect Drucker's school's deepest diversities now that the founder is no longer physically among us.

Posted to KnowledgeBoard's homage to Drucker:

Drucker is to be honored for pointing out that the employee/worker is at the very core of business activity, and management must plan to unleash their creativity and potential.

If this is indeed the information age -- which it is -- then an activity such as concept mapping is of vital importance to greater productivity. I think the quote you use from Hewlitt Packard, "If HP knew what HP knows, it would be three times more profitable," is the most telling statement there is.

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