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September 06, 2006


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Hi, I believe there are a few developments in the info-viz area, albeit at an exploratory level. Wikimindmap creates visualizations of wiki entries using a mindmapping metaphor, and similar tools are discussed at

Hello, Marlo,

I use CmapTools and, as far as I know, there are no such tools for that software. You're right, the inter-play of wikis and concept maps is a complementary one - a natural. You can attach a wiki to a concept node - the Web 2.0 concept map has at least one wiki attached as a knowledge resource. There's no automaticity to the relationship, simply a contextual one.

Thanks for your comment.


Are there software tools out there to link concept maps to wikis? For instance, as you build the wiki the concept map automatically grows or when you add to the concept map the wiki automatically grows? This seems like a natural fit to me.

If the nature of knowledge is changing - as George Siemens suggests in his new book - knowingknowledge, and there is a fundamental shift away from reliance on experts, teachers and big media as central filtering agents towards the individual - I can see a very key role for concept maps as a way to make sense of things, a tool to elicit personal and group insights and patterns.


Barbara it would be great to 'see' a concept map or two of yours in Flickr.

The connection between web2.0 and cocnept maps is an interesting one. The two approaches share some key themes - learning, knowledge sharing, user generated content, mashups?.

Adding a simple, powerful, visual tool to web2.0 just makes good sense.

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